Monday, April 19, 2021

Nature' First Green.......


 I like this Robert Frost poem and think of it often this time of year when the trees first start leafing out.

The ornamental pear trees have been pretty amazing lately. See the moon up there? It is there.

The sugar maples are blooming now and have been for about a week. The cooler weather lately has kept their blossoms on for longer than usual and they are beautiful and loaded. All those blossoms mean lots of samara (helicopter seeds) in the fall. Too bad it is so cool that the honey bees cannot get out of their hives to visit these tiny greenish treasures.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Early Spring


The time for maple syrup making has ended now that we have had several nights in a row when the temperatures stayed above freezing. So, we pulled the spiles from the trees and put away the boiling arch and cleaned the pans (wait a minute--did I clean the pan yet? NO--I need to clean that pan!). Now it's time to clean that pan and go for walks in nature looking for those first blooms of spring.
Snowdrops are among the first blooms of the new spring season and we often take a hike to the nearby park to find out if they are in bloom.

Skunk Cabbage is another early bloomer. It is a most unusual blossom. Inside is a round, bumpy orb that looks an awful lot like the coronavirus icon to which we have grown so accustomed lately. Skunk cabbage creates heat that actually melts the snow around it, and honey bees like to get right into the blossoms for early pollen to bring back to the hive.
Looks like a legal gobbler to me, but I am equipped with only my camera today so he need not be alarmed. Many hunters also seek the elusive morel mushrooms which usually show up during turkey season. Shhhhhh. Fishermen and morel hunters have a lot in common when it comes to sharing their secret hot spots.

          See the rabbit in there?

         NOW do you see it?

Blood root is an early spring favorite of mine with its curly leaf as it emerges and then a glorious white blossom.

    I love the trout lillies. Sometimes you will see a "giant" variety and maybe one with a white blossom.

A warm stretch in early spring can make the forsythia pop into bloom. Then a cool down will preserve those gorgeous colors for quite a while sometimes.

         Keep an eye out for bluebirds as you hike. This male was happy to pose for a picture.

 I hate it when they eat my flowers and vegetable greens but I still thrill at seeing deer. Watch for their shaggy coats in springtime as they transition from winter to summer jackets. 


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