Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Finding Beauty

In the springtime it is easy to find beauty. Why is it we thrill every spring to see the same glorious wildflowers? Are we happy to have come through another long winter? Does it remind us of hope for new life? There seems to be something built into us that enjoys the cycles of nature. Each first snowfall is "exciting" as are the first flowers of a new season.

I love seeing fields of dandelions blooming. That means my honey bees can find pollen and nectar in abundance. Let your dandelions bloom if you live in an area where you can do that without any troubles from neighbors. The bees will thank you. And, you can eat those fresh new dandelion leaves as they start to grow in spring. They are good in a salad.

We have a scrawny little peach tree that seemed to die a few years ago. Then, almost miraculously, it seemed to grow again from a different part of the root area. So, here we are again. I marvel at the beauty of its blossoms and the fact that is still grows. The shade of our woods keeps it from developing mature fruits. They stay small and green but I have eaten them sometimes when they soften. 

Pear tree blossoming at a nearby park. Later in the season I like picking up the fruits from the ground if they are soft. They can be delicious. Two other pear trees next to this one produce rock hard fruits. Those two trees were not blooming on this day. They must bloom a little later in the season.

Spring Beauties. Yes, that is what these beauties are called. We like seeing them and they seem to be multiplying in our woods and in our "lawn". Honey bees visit the blossoms as well. 

Myrtle/Periwinkle enjoys our woodland floor. In springtime it is fun to see how it pushes above the dead leaves on the ground. As the weather warms, I sometimes pause and look to see how the myrtle has become prominent where once were mostly dead leaves. I do become a little bit concerned with its spread. It covers a huge area now. I periodically weed-wack the trees that try to grow in it throughout the growing season.

Purple violets are pretty, too, but also a pain. They are hard to pull successfully when growing in areas I'd prefer not to have them. The flowers are a handsome addition to a lettuce salad.

Glorious tulips next to our door make us smile and remember year after year. 


Time for a nice trail walk to see what's blooming out there.

We found our first trillium! That is a sign that we are heading into the best time of year.

I like to see trillium blooming. I watch for jack-in-the-pulpit at the same time, but saw none on this walk.

The red bud trees where not quite blooming but it won't be long.

I hope you get a chance to get out there and enjoy spring's beauty. Thanks for reading this blog.

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    So much to do outside now. Planting seedlings takes a gentle hand and it is a skill that is learned with practice only. I am practicing this year and not always successfully.


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